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Solution Masks - The Smart Choice

The Solution Mask can be an important part of an overall strategy to defend against the COVID19 virus.  It  is designed to offer the best combination of comfort, look, breathability, and most of all, safety. The design adheres to the CDC Recommendations for cloth face coverings and we have 3 sizes to choose from depending on your needs.


Make the Smart Choice

The Biological Protection Company (TBPC) is a start-up company that manufactures high-quality, long lasting, 2-ply poly-cotton reusable masks in Brighton, CO.  Our mission is to keep local workers employed manufacturing a face covering that will help slow the transmission of the COVID19 virus and promote the responsibility that we all have until a vaccine is available - taking care of ourselves so we can protect other people - especially our loved ones and those who are most vulnerable.  There are 3 sizes to choose from and pricing is $9.48 - $12.48 depending on order quantity.  And upload your small business/organization's logo and we can sublimate it into the fabric of the mask.

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The design of a reusable cloth mask is crucial if it’s being used to slow the transmission of the COVID19 virus.  Ours is designed according to CDC Recommendations for reusable cloth masks and intended to give our customers a mask that is long-lasting, looks and feels good, and provides as much breath-ability as possible.

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Made in the USA.

made in the usaOur strategy regarding manufacturing and materials is simple; the manufacturing facility is in beautiful Brighton, Colorado and all materials for our masks are sourced in the United States. As this COVID19 pandemic continues to hurt families in so many ways, not just financially, our commitment to our customers and our local community is that we will never deviate from this strategy.

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Solution Mask Sizing

Our Solution masks come in 3 sizes - Small/Medium/Large. Ideally, a high-quality reusable cloth mask should satisfy each of these criteria:

  • Fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Secured with ties or ear loops
  • Allow for maximum breathing without restriction
  • Able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

Because the Solution Mask conforms to the CDC Recommendations for a reusable cloth mask, each of these criteria are satisfied.

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Business and Organization Orders

Are you looking for a quality mask for your business or organization? Are you a Municipality/City/County/State or government agency that received COVID19 dollars and is looking to provide high-quality, CDC-approved masks for your employees and citizens that come to your facilities?  We can help!

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Our Solution mask was designed for maximum comfort, safety and breath-ability. And it is machine washable. The double-ply high quality poly-cotton and the elastic straps follow all CDC recommendations and guidelines for the use of cloth masks to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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The Biological Protection Company (TBPC) is a start-up company that manufactures high-quality, long lasting, comfortable masks right here in Brighton, CO.  Our mission is to keep local workers employed making a mask/face covering that will promote people taking care of people.