Manufactured In USA with USA-Sourced Materials

Our strategy regarding manufacturing and materials is simple; the manufacturing facility is in beautiful Brighton, Colorado and all materials for our masks are sourced in the United States. As this COVID19 pandemic continues to hurt families in so many ways, not just financially, our commitment to our customers and our local community is that we will never deviate from this strategy.

Many, if not most, of our competitors import masks that are manufactured overseas or Latin America. And for a company’s bottom line it makes sense – the masks are low-cost and the profit margins can be high. These masks are typically low quality and don’t conform to any recommendations or guidelines for safety/design to defend against COVID19.

Our margins may not be anywhere close to some of our international competitors but creating jobs to help families get back on their feet and contributing to the Colorado economy is very gratifying to us.. And based on orders and projections, we are ramping up to potentially hire, train and pay a livable wage, to over 100 new employees. Keeping dollars and jobs here in our great country.