We designed the Solution mask to try and create a face covering that has the best combination of comfort, look, breath-ability, and most of all, safety. The design adheres to the CDC Recommendations for cloth face coverings and we have 3 sizes to choose from depending on your needs rather than the one-size-fits all that many of our competitors offer. In addition, we can imprint (sublimate, not silk-screen) your business/organization logo on the front on orders of 100 or more.

Key components of the design:

  • Conforms to the face nicely - form fitted and eliminates most gaps that you see on ordinary masks in the market
  • Pleats - we designed horizontal and vertical pleats that, in addition to ensuring a comfortable tight fit, allow the masks to have more of what we call “breath-ability”.
  • Non-stress nose design for proper form fit and comfort. You won’t have the chafing that often occurs from other masks.
  • Expansion Bellows that provide more room for air, once again, allowing easier breath-ability
  • Our mask sizes are Small/Medium/Large. They are designed to ensure they are the right fit, rather than the “one size fits all” mask that most all of our competitors sell.
  • Highest quality washable poly-cotton to maximize number of uses
  • Customization - if you’re looking to imprint your business/organization logo on the front of the mask, you’ll be pleased to know that we use sublimation versus silk-screen.  We upload your logo into the sublimation machine which then bleeds the ink into the poly-cotton fabric. Most all of our competitors use the traditional silk-screen process which essentially paints the logo onto the fabric which, in turn, constricts air-flow because the fabric is covered by the logo. In addition, over time and washes, you’ll find that you’ll need to replenish the silk screen masks more often because the logo fades/peels away. The sublimation process is more expensive, and takes more time, but we firmly believe that breath-ability is one of the most important design aspects a quality mask.